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The Sports Fan®

We deliver Comprehensive Sports Websites from the Fans Perspective.

What is The Sports Fan®?

The Sports Fan® is a registered trademark and subsidiary of Astrum IP. The Sports Fan® will be a combination of traditional sports website, blog, forum and Facebook “like” for sports fans. Content will generally be presented with a fans perspective. The Sports Fan® is comprised of over 300 domains that will direct sports fans to their favorite sports, teams, athletes, activities, information and related content we believe fans will enjoy.

Is it going to be like all the other sports websites? 

No. At first glance it may look similar, but The Sports Fan® is a combination local team website and a national media website. 

Why over 300 separate domains?

This is different, but with good reason.  Our competitors, such as sports.Yahoo, must utilize URL’s to direct their visitors to particular pages; we simply use a domain name. For instance, when sports.Yahoo routes a visitor to the Browns webpage, they use the URL sports.yahoo.com/nfl/teams/cle/. With The Sports Fan®, the Browns webpage is TheBrownsFan.com.

Our advantage is TheBrownsFan.com has an independent identity that can be separately developed, marketed and sold. The sports.yahoo.com/nfl/teams/cle/ simply doesn’t have the same capabilities.

Is our way correct?  We think it is, but don’t take our word for it, here’s what Verisign, a global leader in domain names and internet security states, “In the end, what really matters is the domain name, it is the key to creating an online presence.”

What does fan perspective mean?

We will deliver our content with a positive perspective. We believe fans would rather be presented information and content, about their favorite teams and players, from a positive viewpoint.

What is the significance of The Sports Fan® name?

Most importantly, it’s the perfect name! We’re sports fans too, and we’re proud to be a part of the sports fan community. We believe one of the greatest attributes of sports is meaningful relationships that are developed on many different levels.

Can a start-up like The Sports Fan® compete with traditional media like Yahoo & ESPN?

Yes, we believe we can and will compete with traditional media. But more importantly, we’re going to compete with ourselves. We’re going to compete every day to become the greatest we can be, and then we’ll let the chips fall where they may.

Additionally, early on traditional media will have the advantage over us because they are established entities, but that can also work to their disadvantage. Generally, they’re large enterprises, and it’s a challenge for large entities to quickly adapt to a changing landscape. Remember the story about the world’s greatest buggy whip manufacturer. They were so focused on making the finest buggy whips, they lost track of their surroundings and their capacity to innovate; and then the world passed them by. We believe traditional media will never see us coming.

Why is community a point of emphasis for The Sports Fan®?

Community is our reason for creating The Sports Fan®. A community is about relationships, the sharing of mutual interests, trusting in each other to build better surroundings. In our community, which includes our employees, fans of The Sports Fan®, our investors and our advertisers, we will benefit from mutualistic relationships. The members of our community will share a bond of trust; with each member acting in best interest of each and every other member. We believe relationships are what is important, and the foundation of every successful enterprise.

Is there more to know about The Sports Fan®?

Yes, a lot more!

What needs to be done to make The Sports Fan® website become operational?

Our next step is to get The Sports Fan® properly funded.  

Can anyone invest in The Sports Fan®?

We’re working on that right now. We would like sports fans to have an opportunity to participate in The Sports Fan®, even if they’re not qualified investors. It’s possible we can incorporate crowd funding as a means of accomplishing this. Stay tuned….

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