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We deliver Comprehensive Sports Websites from the Fans Perspective.

We deliver Comprehensive Sports Websites from the Fans Perspective.

Astrum IP’s sports website offering is made up of 300 sports domains. Our primary website, “The Sports Fan® is our registered trademark. Our domains consist of every major, and some not so major, sports teams in America.

As a company, we put an emphasis on community, in this case the fan community. Accordingly, all our domains have a fan theme such as TheCowboysFan.com or TheBuckeyesFan.com and so on.

Our name, The Sports Fan®, is a reflection of our audience. We are sports fans, and we’re part of the sports fan community. We share the same values and beliefs, as they pertain to sports, as the rest of our community. We love our sports, teams and the players. Sports’ are a wonderful means of developing relationships, and relationships are why we are here.

The Sports Fan® website configuration is very unique. While other sports websites, such as Yahoo, must utilize a URL to direct visitors to a particular team page, we simply use a domain name. For example, Yahoo must utilize the URL sports.yahoo.com/nfl/teams/cle/ to reach 

the Browns webpage. With The Sports Fan® the Browns have their own distinct domain name, TheBrownsFan.com. 

TheBrownsFan.com is distinguishable; it has its own identity which can be developed and promoted. The sports.yahoo.com/nfl/teams/cle/, although having a nice ring to it, simply does not have this ability.

Is our structure right?  Don’t take our word for it, here’s what Verisign, a global leader in domain names and internet security states, “In the end, what really matters is the domain name, it is the key to creating an online presence.”  

In addition to creating a presence for over 300 team domains, we have many other popular sports domains such as TheGolfFan.com, TheNASCARfan.com, TheWorldFootballFan.com, TheCricketFan.com and more. Plus we have other great services like TheRecruitingFan.com, TheScoresFan.com, TheDraftFan.com, and many more.

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